Maroon 5


On August 9th, 2013 I sent a photo, letter and sase to Adam Levine, Mickey Madden, James Valentine, Matt Flynn and PJ Morton (otherwise known as Maroon 5!) to their show at the First Midway Bank Arena on August 25th, 2013. I received my photo back signed by all of the members, and a lovely inscription written to me as well on September 3, 2013!

Words cannot describe how much I adore Maroon 5. I've been a fan of theirs ever since I can remember, and their music speaks to me and makes me so incredibly happy. I especially love their songs "Misery", "She Will Be Loved" and "Payphone", but they are all fantastic! I am so excited to add their autograph to my collection! 
Thank you for the letter, Emily! <3

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