David Hyde Pierce


I sent a letter, photo and sase to Mr. Pierce on August 14th, 2013 vv "Vanya and Masha and Sonya and Spike" and on August 30th, 2013, I received my photo signed, personalized and inscribed in my sase.

I am a huge fan of Mr. Pierce's work as Niles Crane on the hit television show, "Frasier", and for his voice talents in two of my favorite Disney films, "A Bug's Life" and "Treasure Planet"! Frasier is one of my all time favorite television programs, and I adore his character, Niles! He is so incredibly funny, and his relationship with Daphne, Frasier's live-in housekeeper, is adorable, and the episode they get married in is one of the all time greatest television moments in my opinion. Mr. Pierce always adds a lot to the characters and films he lends his voice to, especially as "Slim" in "A Bug's Life", my favorite of the circus bugs! I am so proud to add Mr. Pierce's autograph to my collection! 
To Emily,
Thanks and Best Wishes
David Hyde Pierce

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