Barbara Feldon


I have written to Ms. Feldon twice now, once in 2009 to have two photos signed, and the second time in 2012 to have her sign a DVD insert from a Get Smart DVD so that I could send it to Bernie Kopell as well.

Barbara Feldon is best known for her role as Agent 99 on "Get Smart", starring alongside Don Adams as Maxwell Smart. I love this show! It's timeless, iconic, and one everyone should watch at some point in their life. 

Thank you so much, Ms. Feldon! 

(If you'd like to see my Bernie Kopell success, please click here.)
To Emily, All the best!
Barbara Feldon "99"
To Emily, Hi from Agent "99"
Barbara Feldon
Thanks for you lovely letter, Emily. I'm happy you like the show!

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