Gary Sinise


I wrote to Gary Sinise in early 2011, but unfortunately I did save the sent or received dates. I sent him two photos (one for me and the other for my dad), a letter and a SASE. I received both photos back signed and dedicated!

Forrest Gump is one of my all time favorite films, as is Apollo 13. Coincidentally, both movies star Tom Hanks and Gary Sinise. In Forrest Gump, Mr. Sinise plays Llt. Dan, a Vietnam War veteran who loses both of his legs in an explosion. In the end, him and Forrest become business partners and best friends, even though at first, you might think it's an unlikely friendship. In Apollo 13, Sinise plays Ken Mattingly, who is grounded from the fateful mission because of a (false) medical report stating that he has the measles. Without him on the ground though working out the problem, the astronauts would not have safely returned home.
To Emily
Best Wishes,
Gary Sinise

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