Elissa Knight


I wrote to Elissa Knight back in 2011, and unfortunately I did not keep the sent and received dates.

I think one of the cutest and most unique Disney-Pixar films to date is Wall*e. The fact that there are hardly any spoken words, and that the majority of the film is about a tiny robot trying to clean the planet and find love in the process is absolutely adorable. Also the fact that the brilliant minds at Disney and Pixar can create such a beautiful movie mostly based on visuals is surreal and a truly amazing feat. If you haven't seen Wall*e, do! It's one of my favorites!

Elissa Knight supplies the voice of Wall*e's love interest, Eve. They are adorable together! Elissa signed both of the photos I sent her and even wrote me a note on official Pixar paper. I'm really happy to add he a
Hi Emily- I am so sorry it has taken forever to get this back to you! Thank you for your thoughtful note.
It's people like you who make my job worthwhile. Best, Elissa

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